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RAR Logistics Services


Avoid dealing with complex and changing customs regulations by utilizing our experience in dealing with the complete customs process. The customs requirements of many countries can be difficult to understand, making an experienced customs broker vital.

Many countries have specific laws and documentation requirements for importing items that are not always obvious to the exporter.We offer a complete package of services that are essential to streamlining your export business.

Because of the complexities of the global supply chain, companies can quickly become successful in new markets by using the experience of facilitators and intermediaries at RAR Logistics. 


The rules and regulations for importing and exporting goods can be complex.  Move onto the global marketplace with the advantage of having experts from RAR Logistics on your side. We can assist with all shipping documentation (including the bill of lading), provide you with different cargo insurance options, and even act as a liaison between your business and the government agencies that need to approve your merchandise.


We make it easy to move cargo anywhere, around the world or across the state. RAR Logistics can help you move your freight by cargo ship, train, truck, or air. 

Speak with one of our logistics specialists to compare your shipping options and develop a plan that is best for your business goals.


Shipments in transit are subjected to numerous perils.
Goods may be damaged in a storm or fire, stolen, involved
in a collision or just mishandled. To protect against financial
loss, cargo or freight insurance should be procured.

In addition to covering loss or damage, Cargo Insurance also protects against General Average, pays for the costs to minimize a loss (sue and labor), and pays for damage inspection (survey).

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